Top 6 Fashion Designers Worth Knowing

Men’s fashion is constantly evolving and so are designers. It’s not uncommon to find modern fashion taking inspiration from classical and often established and innovative looks of the past. Contemporary fashion designers give motivate and inspire us with their ideas and fine creations. The world of fashion will always have its established names, the likes of D&G and Pradas while new and upcoming designers will also be trying to establish their names and leave a mark in the fashion world. In this article I intend to keep you updated on the type of designers you should be watching this year and on my list are four whose work is getting plenty of attention, and whose amazing talent is sure to see them climb the Alexander McQueen fashion ranks very soon.

Ozwald Boateng

Ozwald Boateng is one of London’s highly talented tailors; he’s quickly making a name for himself in America as well. Recognized for his innovative tailoring, he is responsible for introducing swanky Savile Row tailoring to the new generation of fashion seekers in both Europe and America. Clients of Boateng’s classically refined look include Laurence Fishburne, Jamie Foxx and Mick Jagger. His works drips with elegance and sophistication, his collection of suits, coats and blazers among other pieces, with luxurious fabrics and plush colors bring a perfect amount of flair to any man’s closet.

Michael Bastian

Bastian was once employed by Bergdorf Goodman as a fashion director, he then branched out from this role to pursue his own fashion aspirations. His goal was to design clothing that appealed to every man’s daily wear necessities and by looking at his fall debut collection, it’s obvious that he achieved his purpose. Michael Bastian’s collection mirrors the American classic design. He redesigns and adds flair to basic and generally boring pieces. In doing so, men are given impeccably tailored suits, luxurious knits and refined trenches and other outerwear.

Keanan Duffty

While style and elegance are always an appreciated touch to any garment, a rock “n” roll edge is equally as welcome when it comes to men’s fashion. Keanan is quickly becoming the go-to man for such peculiar edginess. Since 2000, Duffty’s designs have been gaining worldwide recognition by celebrities, including Bowie and Justin Timberlake. Given the rock “n” roll theme of Duffty’s apparel, his collections are always a little bit glam, a touch chaotic and a whole lot of fun. Combining cutting-edge designs, unconventional fabrics and British iconography, Duffty’s designs help the inner rock star emerge from the wearer.

Tim Hamilton

Tim Hamilton’s mission is to bring American sensibility back to men’s clothing and to add luxury to staple pieces. Conventional items are given a modern flair, taking the preppy-dressed man to a new level of conservative wear.

His designs are preppy and entirely masculine providing a back to the fundamentals to fashion. Denims, cardigans and Polos may sound like a conservative combination but when brought together with contemporary design, such pieces give an updated look to a man’s wardrobe.

Understanding Men’s Fashion

Men are becoming increasingly fashion conscious, worrying about their appearance to a much greater degree than they ever have before. For some men this can be daunting; how can you tell what looks good, it isnt always clear. The shoe department tends to be the area in which men fail with fashion, but never fear, here, we will outline some of the rules for men concerning footwear what looks good and what doesnt.

People choose their shoes for different reasons, some for reasons of practicality, and others for style and fashion. The majority of people, however, fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

One thing seems clear with men regarding shoes, they seem reluctant to vary their style, having one or two pairs of shoes in circulation at any one time, wearing them until they wear out and then replacing them a pair at a time. Look into a womans wardrobe, and you are much more likely to find a dizzying array of shoes very few women have only a few pairs and the majority have at least 10.

Our first piece of advice for men is thus; buy a variety of different styles so that you can rotate your style from day to day. Furthermore never stick primarily with trainers, they are great for casual settings, but for pubs, clubs and bars, a decent pair of dress shoes is what you need.

If it is a lack of confidence that holds you back from varying your style, then do not worry, try wearing different shoes in places where you feel comfortable, or where you know people will not notice. This way, you can learn to feel at ease in a variety if different shoes.

Tips for Choosing Mens Shoes:

Generally, you should wear shoes that are darker than your trousers. If you know that you wear a lot of dark clothing, then you should opt for black, dark brown or dark navy.

When choosing which socks to wear, make sure that they do not contrast too much with your shoes. Unless you want to make a statement by wearing a funky pair of socks (popular with the geek-chic style of clothing), then wear socks that are a similar colour to your shoes.

Your belt should match your shoes in general; the exception to the rule is when wearing a patterned belt, such as with a graphic design. In this instance, the belt is used to make a statement and should thus standout.

When wearing jeans, you can where almost any style of shoes, but avoid shoes that are clearly for formal occasions, as they tend to look a little peculiar with jeans.

With other types of casual trousers combats, chinos, khakis…, you should be wearing mens shoes that are slightly formal brogues or loafers for example.

Fashion & Art a Potent Potion!

By Beverly Pereira Photography: Courtesy Tarun Tahiliani & The Singh Twins

Tarun Tahiliani’s Spring Summer 15 collection showcased at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015 features motifs, imagery and colours inspired by the celebrated art of the British-Indian Singh Twins…

Fashion and Art are not exactly strange bedfellows. Think Andy Warhol’s portrait of Yves Saint Lauren or Warhol’s iconic flowers that played muse to Prada’s Spring 2013 collection. More recently and closer to home, Tarun Tahiliani has collaborated with the internationally acclaimed Singh Twins, whose works of art play muse to his Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer -15 collection.

The London-born, Liverpool-based Singh Twins, Amrit and Rabindra, describe their work as -past modern’ as opposed to Post Modern, portraying their Indian and British identities through the application of eastern and western aesthetics. Using motifs that represent British Asian life, cityscapes and pop culture, their work is tinged with the personal and the political and can be viewed as a social commentary with tongue-in-cheek humour.

Hugely inspired by this melange, the designer launched a ready-to-wear fashion line at the Wills India Fashion 2014 in Delhi as an ode to the Singh Twins’ art. He has now crafted garments for the Mumbai Lakme Fashion Week that bring to life the Twins’ well-received Indian miniature paintings, detailed black and white drawings and digital mixed medium art that explores an exclusive relationship with their home city of Liverpool.

Tarun, himself, is known to skilfully blend the modern and the traditional and augmenting this with the Twins’ affinity for reviving the age-old technique of miniature painting and the juxtaposition of modern iconography has led to a range of digitally printed separates – kaftans, jewel tees, dhoti skirts, lungi skirts, leggings and dresses etc. Some colour palettes and elements have been creatively reworked by the designer to harmonise with the collection. The twins’ Wheel of Fortune has been incorporated as a whole on to a Tahiliani kurta, while decorative motifs from their black and white Aquarius have been reassembled and colourised within the design of another outfit. Silk kaftans, much like a vast canvas, allow the twins’ paintings to come through beautifully. Saris are rife with colours, featuring borders that carry Persian motifs borrowed from their paintings.

His menswear also features text vignettes, stylised clouds and waves, borders and decorative motifs from several of the twins’ works, offering fashion lovers an artistic take-away, proving yet again that the art and fashion are strong counter-influencers! click here to view images from the collection on

Tips On When To Wear A Black Sleeveless Dress

To enrich your wardrobe with exceptional dress, definitely you could choose the gorgeous sleeveless black dress. It could either be of strapless, halter top, tank top, or it may well be a spaghetti straps, but, the thing is that it must be a black sleeveless dress.

Lady-loving Lunch:

Your husband may be demandingly engaged in his own business and you may be having an opportunity to go for dine with some other socialites. People always love and prefer to have lunch with princess of latest fashion. The great decision you have to make is to decide what to wear, to give the impression of a princess.

Your choice could be black sleeveless dress, which forms to be practical. You could fancy it by wearing stylish sleeve over it. Usually, cherry color jacket forms to be a great choice for lunch.

To have a fine first look wear jacket with pale and cheerful color such as yellow or pink. You could embellish it with ornaments like nude pantyhose, mary janes, and a pearl stud to have a complete look of your black sleeveless dress.

Business arrangement:

When you are getting ready to attend a meeting related to business, it certainly is outstanding if you dress up in a black sleeveless dress along with a gray jacket of supremacy over it. It could give magnificent look with a tiny stud in your ears. You could also select big buttoned earrings, but avoid dropping earrings, chandeliers, or hoops as they may have distractions. On the whole your dress must be serious looking one for this purpose.

Romantic meet:

For your meet with your lovable one, you are in dire need to appear being in feminine look. You could pick a black sleeveless dress and a shawl around it and it may give you fabulous look. Be conscious in selecting the shawl, it must not be one that for granny. Of course, if you are young enough, you could go with out it. To enhance your feminine look you could pleasantly fasten your hair at the back or allow it to tumble loose, after making it to be curly. To add glamour you could wear gold or silver shawl for your black sleeveless dress. Finally, if you are in strappy heels you are fantastically, ready for the meet.

Dressed for killing:

Are you getting ready to go for club, intended for formal date or a walk in a red carpet? For any of this reason you could use your black sleeveless dress and it may not give out your hands.

If you are getting ready to attend a formal wedding, you could fancy yourself with black sleeveless dress with the combination of patent heels with toning handbag. And your head shall carry a black and white silk hat. Even if you are a bride in the wedding, make your bridal dress with rich fabric black sleeveless dress.
The proposal for selecting your black sleeveless dress along with corresponding jacket, wrap or bolero is to enable you have free mobility and in the evening if you go for dancing you could feel more comfortable.

Compliment Your Outfit With Designer Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories play an important role in women’s life. The major purpose of fashion accessories to jazz up your entire look. There are various types of fashion accessories available for women. However, there are certain fashion accessories that are must have in every woman’s wardrobe. Those fashion accessories are listed below.

1. Watches: The primary use of watches is tell the time, but nowadays it offer wonderful and additional benefits. It is one of the most important fashion accessories for women. Watches are considered as the simplest way to turn a normal everyday outfit into a class higher. online shopping for women watches would provide you plenty of options to choose from. There are plenty of retailers online offering watches.

2. Handbags: The primary function of handbags is to carry your essential products with you only. However now they have become the most important fashion accessories. They are used to complement your personality. It is important for every woman to have at least one designer handbag. They leave a lasting impression upon onlooker, so always go for trendy a handbag. You can buy designer handbag with a few clicks for very reasonable prices. Online shopping for women handbag would provide you a huge range of choices to choose from.

3. Sunglasses: It is one of the most important fashion accessories during summers. They help to protect the eyes from bright lights and UV rays. Women generally prefer frames that are bigger, trendier and broader that cover most of their face. There are many women who purchase sunglasses to use it as a hair band. Nowadays sunglasses for women are available in various brands like bebe, Aldo, Charles and Keith, Mango, Opium, Nine West, Park Avenue and more. Online shopping for women sunglasses would provide you great choices in terms of designs and colors.

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